How to workout outside the gym

From time to time, we have to take a break from our daily routine and even stop the weekly workouts on the gym.

I, for example, I like to take a brake of 2-4 weeks in total every year from my weight training. This is usually when I take vacation. I always opt in for a vacation that I really don’t have to much physical activity (except the one in the bedroom), and one that is quite challenging.

For next vacation I prepared the challenging one. I will climb mountains, visit wild parks, swimming with dolphins and scuba diving. So you can see that, although I am not in the gym lifting weights I will have quite some workouts.

Sure I will have easier days, but there will be some intense ones, challenging ones.

We already know that a break from our daily activities will increase our performance and make our body more receptive, either if we want to lose weight, gain muscle, or whatever.

If you are used to go to the gym and lift weights, year after year, it is a blessing to take a break and train your body in a new way. Go out and make sprints, climb stairs, or just take a total break for few weeks. You will find out that when you return in the gym, you have more power, your body is more responsive, and the mirror will smile at you.


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