I was writing on a message on my status, few minutes ago, and it goes like this: “A sparkle in the mind and the body will follow. Fuel for the driven workouts.”

The hole idea is the same idea that Arnold was talking about decades ago. Simply put your mind to work, before you put your body to work. Every ‘spark’ – motivation, vision, aspiration – that the mind creates, the body will easily will follow and make it happen.

If you need proof, you can look in your own life, at the things you already accomplished. You most likely didn’t realize that you did it, however the process was the same. You first had a vision, or and aspiration of what you want to achieve. Imperceptible and seems like in no time you started to act according to your mind vision.

If you like more to take a look at others and how did they achieved great things in life, boy, there are so many examples. Whit who do I start? Arnold, kevin Levrone, Cutler, Dexter Jackson, Dorian Yates. They all had an image of how they will look, of how they wanted to feel or even on what will they hear when they reach their goal in their bodybuilding career.

Do you know where you want to arrive?
What will people see/feel/say about you when you will achieve your goal?

Inspirational pre workout article.


How to workout outside the gym

From time to time, we have to take a break from our daily routine and even stop the weekly workouts on the gym.

I, for example, I like to take a brake of 2-4 weeks in total every year from my weight training. This is usually when I take vacation. I always opt in for a vacation that I really don’t have to much physical activity (except the one in the bedroom), and one that is quite challenging.

For next vacation I prepared the challenging one. I will climb mountains, visit wild parks, swimming with dolphins and scuba diving. So you can see that, although I am not in the gym lifting weights I will have quite some workouts.

Sure I will have easier days, but there will be some intense ones, challenging ones.

We already know that a break from our daily activities will increase our performance and make our body more receptive, either if we want to lose weight, gain muscle, or whatever.

If you are used to go to the gym and lift weights, year after year, it is a blessing to take a break and train your body in a new way. Go out and make sprints, climb stairs, or just take a total break for few weeks. You will find out that when you return in the gym, you have more power, your body is more responsive, and the mirror will smile at you.

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Just thinking that I will have some workout climbing the mountains in the next days. :)

Ok, so last training in the gym for the next week, as I am gone traveling. However I will be here to update, once in a while.

How do you feel after a great workout and when you arrive home a big check is waiting for your last week work? I know it is awesome for me.

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